Recommended Fragrances

Cucumber Melon, Cotton Blossom, Guava Pineapple, Mango, Citrus

Also Available

Herbal Mint, Spiced Apple, Wintergreen, Cinnamon Stick, Honeysuckle, Fabulous (Lavender), Springtime, Sweet Pea, Bouquet, Kiwi Grapefruit, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Green Apple Fragrance, Wildberry, Lemon, Black Cherry, Strawberry Pear, Ocean Mist, Vanilla, Linen Fresh, Fresh Air, Fresh Scent

A store’s ambience should extend to the bathroom.

You work hard to keep your store clean, so do the same in your bathroom and watch customer loyalty soar. Introducing Fresh Products to your cleaning routine will provide an aromatic atmosphere that tells customers that you want them to enjoy the whole shopping experience.

Did you know that 95% of customers have a negative perception of a retail store if they encounter a dirty restroom or dressing room?


“Thousands of people shop at our Flea Market every week. We tried everything out here to help with the smell of our restrooms. From the first day we used the toilet bowl clips customers have complimented us on how clean our bathrooms smell. For a couple weeks we ran out and all the bad smells returned. Having the product on clips allows us to place them high enough that no one can steal them, which was always a problem before.” 
Operations Supervisor – Galt -  CA

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