Restaurant / Dining / Foodservice

Recommended Fragrances

Citrus, Mango, Kiwi Grapefruit, Spiced Apple, Fabulous, Bubble Gum/Tutti Fruiti, Honeysuckle, Cotton Blossom

Also Available

Herbal Mint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon Stick, Springtime, Sweet Pea, Bouquet, Guava Pineapple, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Green Apple Fragrance, Wildberry, Lemon, Black Cherry, Strawberry Pear, Ocean Mist, Cucumber Melon, Vanilla, Linen Fresh, Fresh Air, Fresh Scent

Put as much care into your bathroom maintenance as you do into your food to provide the ultimate dining experience for your customers.

Cleanliness is an integral part of a customer’s dining experience. 50% of people say they will never return to a restaurant if they have a negative bathroom experience, and many believe that the cleanliness of a bathroom is an indicator of cleanliness in the kitchen.


I got 5 compliments the first day.  That never happens in here. 
Bar owner, WA

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