Recommended Fragrances

Mango, Spiced Apple, Cucumber Melon, Citrus, Cotton Blossom, Ocean Mist, Kiwi Grapefruit, Fabulous

Also Available

Herbal Mint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon Stick, Honeysuckle, Springtime, Sweet Pea, Bouquet, Guava Pineapple, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Green Apple Fragrance, Wildberry, Lemon, Black Cherry, Strawberry Pear, Vanilla, Linen Fresh, Fresh Air, Fresh Scent

At Fresh Products, we create only the best odor control products for any need.

We firmly believe that a fresh-smelling bathroom is a happier bathroom, and strive to provide premium products that get the job done.


“Wow!  I have been working for years to resolve the smell in the boys bathroom.  We used the 105 in the drain & mop with the Wave and Easy Fresh all in Herbal Mint.  In 1 day, we changed the account forever.”
Dan, Contractor  - Tennessee

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