Customer Testimonials

“We run 50 plus cattle trucks per day from here. Have you ever smelled a cattle truck? They're awful and the Fresh Hang Tags are exactly what we needed. Of course we need the strongest-smelling one there is! We put them under the seat and the drivers don't know it but, they sure appreciate the smell!” Operations Manager - Cattle Company - NE
“Told our distributor to “Never substitute the imitation Wave for the real Wave product. They flat out do NOT work.” Mike, Division Manager - MO
“The men’s restroom doesn’t smell like urine anymore. Now we smell mango.” Deb, Assistant Manager - PA
"Recently, a property manager of a class A office building had encountered some employees that were having an allergic reaction to the current aerosol product being used. The Easy Fresh was the perfect answer to solve the issue and additionally provided a cost savings as well." Mark, Distributor - OH
“The women patrons were jealous of the men’s restroom because the Wave 2.0 smelled so wonderful; they demanded Eco Clips for their bathroom!” Andy, Restaurant Account Manager - IA
“Craig, you need to get us a bigger credit line. We can’t keep this s - - - in stock fast enough. It’s flying off the shelves." Tom, Distribution Owner - KS