About Fresh

Fresh is an innovative odor control and air freshening manufacturer based in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Over 95% of our products are manufactured in Toledo, and have been since the company was founded in 1971. Singularly focused, we love what we do. We want the world to know, any space can smell great. We create fresher spaces for happier, more productive people.

Innovative products

  • We have been awarded numerous US, Canadian, and European patents with additional patents pending. We are also a Home Builders Association Awards finalist and gold medal winner from the Culinary Institute of America.
  • Fresh Products preserves the environment through better design. We develop products to be effective while consuming fewer resources to build, use and recycle. We live here, too!
  • Increased productivity and labor reduction are at the center of our innovative process. We create a fresh-smelling workplace through products that are easier to use.

Manufacturing excellence

  • Fresh Products is number one manufacturer of industrial & institutional block deodorants in the USA.
  • We are also the number one Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) deodorant block supplier.
  • Others call us a fragrance manufacturer, but we like to call ourselves smell scientists, olfactory enhancers, or perfume producers.

Odor control focus

  • Odor control is our only business, so we understand important details that other companies who offer odor control to broaden their product line may miss.
  • We test our products, the competition and benchmark world class product and fragrance manufacturers.  We apply that knowledge to our business.  We learn from the world, so we can freshen yours.  
  • Different types of air fresheners require different versions of key fragrances to maximize their air freshening potential through various delivery systems. We understand this.  So the mango formulation in our Wave requires some fragrance adjustments from our liquids and our air fresheners.
  • This focus on detail results in products that smell better and last longer than anyone else's.